Thursday, 24 November 2011

Welcome to What is Gucci

Yao, this is our music blog where we post stuff that we like

Here are the people that run the show:

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Sup, I guess I'm Con4rtist. I'm living in Montreal right now.
I like most sorts of music, except country, that shit sucks.
Im'a be postin' the dopest of shit.
Hope ya dig.


Ay, I'm luketheduke! I'm livin' in Oakville right now soon to be located to London (the U.K one) for a couple months 
I DJ in my spare time and i'm into literally all sorts of music, I'm a big fan of the up and coming Post Dubstep movement and all that (still a Dubstep fan).
Here are three songs that slightly rep my music taste

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Justice Remix)
Bahwee - HereisWhere
The Shins - Australia (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)

- luketheduke!

W'sup everybody?
My name's Nathan Smofsky (or just smofsky for the purposes of this epic blog). 
I do musical things I guess you could say. I'll be posting some of my fav. tunes, as well as new ones that I come across. I listen to anything under the genre of 'good'. So on the subject of good music, here are my favourite songs by some artists I've been jammin' lately.

Hey everyone, I'm Eric Arzoomanian or arzoomon/arzooman/zoo/arzoo/zooman for short. Currently living in downtown Toronto attending Ryerson.
I will mostly be posting electronic music, such as dubstep, drum and bass and house. These first three songs are a good representation of the kind of music I will be posting. I hope you like what me and the boys post. Happy listening

- Zooman

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BarlowBass said...

Yea pendulum, hoping to grab some live tickets! immersion is probably my fave album at the moment. luketheduke1 shows me a lot of stuff. i do some stuff myself aswell so check my youtube 'BarlowBass'

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