Friday, 2 December 2011

mmmmmmmmMusic..... (zoomans 1st Official Post!)

These are basically a random selection of songs that I personally I think are g00d. From drum and bass to indie rock. 

The first two songs are by Netsky, a drum and bass producer from Belgium. Drum and bass is a genre that I feel a lot of people haven't listened to or don't listen to one a regular basis, I love drum and bass and I don't listen to it a lot either. Both of these songs are a perfect example of what drum and bass is. Both of the songs are from his self titled CD that was released in 2010.

Pirate Bay - Netsky

Iron Heart - Netsky

This song is off the recently released Justice CD titled Audio, Video, Disco. If you haven't heard of Justice, I suggest you check them out if you are into discoey dance type music, their new CD is for you. But if you like the harder more electronic type, their first CD is probably better for you. This is a song off of their new cd, probably my favorite.

On 'n' On - Justice

This second song is by a Canadian DJ and producer out of London, Ontario. Overwerk actually just released an EP yesterday I believe. This track isn't off that EP but it does give a good taste of what kind of music he makes. He remixed this song and created a very glitchy, housey, dubsteppy song. Overwerk is very talented and I think his popularity will boom in the next year.

Midnight (Overwerk Remix) - Mac Graham

This third song is by an indie rock band from Canada, Tokyo Police Club. My friends are the ones that showed me this band, and I likey. I loved every single one of their songs off of their second CD, Champ. This is a song from that CD that people will like if they haven't heard it. 

Frankenstein - Tokyo Police Club


I will be putting up some dubstep in my posts, so be aware. I will be putting up songs that have that dubstep wobble in it, not many of those songs that sound like...I don't even know, you guys know what I'm talking about. This is a new song that The Killabits released for free recently. 

The Streets - Killabits

- zooman (posting from lukes account cause mines a derpin')

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