Thursday, 19 January 2012

Late Night Music

Ever have those nights where you stay up late and stare at your computer screen, while your mind just travels to all sorts of places? Oh right, that's every night. Well certain types of music / certain songs can induce some crazy thoughts ("next-level" ones, at least for me anyways). I know lots'a ya are nighthawks, but I have no idea what music you listen to late at night. I usually enjoy the more chill-out tunes.

Here are some songs I like to jam (I often prefer this kind of music this time of night). I'm gonna make this the first of a two-part series. Some nuts thoughts caused by these gems, inspiration of many kinds also being a regular occurrence. Some of these songs just have wicked beats (eg. All In Forms), while some require a bit more patience, as they're really about the progression (eg. Blank Pages). I'd suggest headphone listening and downloading tracks for better quality, but do as you please.

Hope you dig these tracks, and have a nice mental journey folks! See you all when you return.

Alright, now try and get some sleep. Or stay up, I don't really care. Either way, have a good one people.


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