Sunday, 26 February 2012

Your End of Weekend Tunes Vol.7

It's been a while since my last post but I will promise you to keep em up the next few weeks, for all of you back across the Atlantic you'll be heading back to class but here are some tunes to lift your spirits, the first song I have to give credit to the bros at Indie Shuffle for finding but it was too good to share, best remix of heard yet of a classic tune. Speaking of classic tunes i've thrown in three old favourites this week with a Redial remix of Lisztomania, a good ole Crystal Castles tune (new album for them forthcoming in May) and a Tribe Called Quest classic produced by the great Pete Rock. And the Hodgy Beats track is a new one off his free EP ( which you can cop at that link, the likes of Flying Lotus and The Alchemist have producing credits on it, I recommend. Oh and also an extra treat with a some nice nu disco vibes from Flight Facilities. 

Jazz (We've Got) - A Tribe Called Quest

Foreign Language ft. Jess - Flight Facilities

Bullshittin' - Hodgy Beats

Pap Smear - Crystal Castles

Lisztomania (Redial Remix) - Phoenix

- photo by navis


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