Monday, 5 March 2012

Bands and stuff

Just some stuff I've been jammin' lately...

They're like a more jazz-influenced Miike Snow, a little more low-key as well. Good music to relax to to cure Monday Syndrome. They have a new record supposedly dropping May 15, which happens to be my b-day. I look forward to that month for yet another reason.

Sidewalk Chalk
Just, watch this video... some hip hop from a tiiight band, on Audiotree Live (best live sessions around, period). Those jazz musicians man, damn...
Can't find any of there stuff for download, sorry lol. Apparently an album is coming soon though...

Little Comets
Friend o' mine showed me this band (thx Devon!) Just some very catchy music here. I guess you'd call it ''indie rock'' type thing, i don't really know anymore.

...And to all a good listening. Enjoy!


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