Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy to You

So you can probably guess what todays post is about , the new Miike Snow album. I've listened to it a couple times already and i'm loving it, i've already posted two of the singles (Paddling Out and Black Tin Box). Paddling Out being the catchiest and most upbeat tune of them all and I'll throw in the Jacques Lu Cont Remix of it to feast your ears on, and Black Tin Box with Lykke Li being the darkest song on the album, still loving it though. I'm loving the approach the band has taken with this album though with it's catchy synth riffs making it a very feel good kind of album overall. It's tough to say my favourite between their first self titled album and Happy to You as I feel as though there are more classics on the first album but I can see how Happy To You can definitely grow on people. It's tough to come out strong with a follow up album after such an excellent debut but I believe they pulled it off and for those who loved the first i'm sure they will love the second, here are my favourite songs (if you want to listen to Black Tin Box and Paddling Out just click Miike Snow on the side artist bar) :

- luketheduke!

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