Thursday, 10 May 2012

Osheaga's Most Anticipated #26 - Black Lips

After a couple of posts on some more lighthearted, relaxing Osheaga music now we're on to the heavy stuff for this post and it comes in form of Atlanta punk rockers Black Lips. For me once again it's a classic band you're going to want to skateboard to because it's the classic "IDGAF" attitude that The Clash were famous for and the Black Lips really are the 21st century version of that. There sound is so classic that if you didn't know who they were you could have easily assumed they came out of that 80's punk rock scene. They put on a wicked show from what i've heard as well so get pumped, here are my top 5 favourite Black Lips tunes, enjoy.. 

- luketheduke! 

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