Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wub-Wub-Wednesday #1

Hello everyone, I have decided to dedicated one day of the week to dubstep. Dubstep has many different sub-genres and such and I will try to post as many different kinds of dubstep that I can. I will be posting the more original/old-school dubstep, the newer kind of "brostep" and new releases, enjoy.

Recommended to listen to all of these songs with either good headphones or speakers, for the full effect of bass lines and wobbles.

Old-School Dubstep

Midnight Request Line - Skream     -     This man is a legend on the dubstep scene, one of the most recognizable names in dubstep. This tune was released in 2005 one of the best dubstep tunes ever, with the crazy bass wobble.

Crunked Up - Benga     -     Benga happens to also be one of the original dubstep greats, awesome song with sick wobble/bass.

Jahova - Rusko     -     Rusko has also been around for a while on the dubstep scene, this is one of his older tracks.

Brostep/Crazy/Wild Dubstep

Mr.Big - Tim Ismag     -     This is the kind of dubstep I will be posting under this category, the newer dubstep has taken the wobble to a whole new level.

Cry Me a River - Borgore     -     I heard of Borgore around a year or two ago. This tune has a sick wobble but I still feel its under this category of dubstep. This song is probably Borgore's closest to an original dubstep track because it has that sick wobble. Love the bass wubs that come in at 0:35

Newly Discovered/New Released

Rise & Fall (KDrew Remix) - Adventure Club     -     Adventure Club is a sick dubstep duo out of Canada, Luke made an Osheaga post on them, and KDrew is an up and coming dubstep producer. Really like how this track has a combination of genres mixed into it. First minute is like trance then drum and bass comes in then the both are mixed, then it drops into dubstep.

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