Thursday, 11 October 2012


Toronto's very own Zodiac (born in Halifax though) just released an EP not too long ago, you may recognize his sound as he made The Weeknd's original beats (and his best ones in my opinon). He basically got screwed over by The Weeknd who refused to pay him for his beats and then went and made a killing with Drake's OVO crew. Zodiac produced "The Party", "The Morning", "What You Need", and "Loft Music" (which happen to be the only 4 songs I like by The Weeknd). Anyways he's just released an awesome EP and hopefully he'll start getting the credit he finally deserves, enjoy... 

Girlgirlgirl - Zodiac

Come - Zodiac ft. Jessie Boykins III

So Soon We Change - Zodiac

Loss Config. - Zodiac

138 - Zodiac

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