Sunday, 27 January 2013

EOWT Vol.29

This week's post is a bit of a mix of new tunes I've been digging and older songs that I haven't been able to stop listening to for the past few weeks. First up is a brand new Teen Daze Remix of Max Cooper & Braids and it's amazingly hypnotic with the vocal sample plus the chimes. Next two songs after that are two that have been on absolute repeat for me lately and are both essential for a laid back end to the weekend with Work Drugs bringing the tropical feels and Radio Dept. bringing the stylish use of cowbell. Two brand spankin' new songs from some of my favourite artists, The Royal Concept and Gold Panda. First up the Swede Indie Rocker's who are constantly being compared to Phoenix somewhat break free of those chains in their new single adding more of an electronic almost nu disco sound that is shown in "World On Fire". It's been a long time since I've heard new Gold Panda and it never disappoints, he always manages to combine somewhat of an acoustic feel to downtempo electronica. Cruiser is another artist that I suggest you keep your eye on, it's the solo indie pop project of Philadelphia native Andy States and it is awesome feel good music. The last song is a very Gold Pandaesque tune from Houses that will put you straight to sleep (In a very good way), enjoy.. 

Third Wave - Work Drugs

On Your Side - The Radio Dept.

World On Fire - The Royal Concept

Burnt Out Car In Forest - Gold Panda

Endless Spring - Houses

Moving To Neptune - Cruiser

- photo by navis 

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