Monday, 5 December 2011


Former Slum Village member Elzhi (he styles it 'eLZhi') is one of few artists capable of making an adequate tribute album to Nas' Illmatic; yeah, he did that by the way. Elzhi is undoubtedly influenced by Nas, but the man has character in his voice, plus his lyrical skill is virtuous to say the least. An important lesson Elzhi took from Nas is how to flow so seamlessly yet with such intricacy - an admirable trait in the 'workplace'.

This guy is a great storyteller; some incredible wordplay in there as well:

"Wait, I must be on the wrong side of the lane trail; where they rob memory banks and end up in the brain cell." (Memory Lane)

Take a listen (pay special attention to lyricism), and maybe you'll see why I refer to him figuratively as the rough Spanish translation for "place of gold".


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