Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pre-Weekend Bangers Vol.3

The weekend is upon us again and it is time to rage to some electronic music. Plenty of new bangers for this week mainly from the French (some new Feadz and Surkin, some old school Mr.Flash). The other two tracks are from our boy Broke One remixing Evil Nine into nu-disco/house goodness and a Miike Snow remix from New York producer Penguin Prison (who is currently touring with Miike). Meanwhile if you're looking for something to wear this weekend maybe you should check out our friends over at SMBDY to get fitted with  clothing made by and for people who like their dosage of the music electronic, on top of that the designs are absolutely killer (Free shipping for our Vancouverite followers as well) enjoy... 

Ultra Light - Surkin

Electric Empire - Feadz and Kino

Paddling Out (Penguin Prison Remix) - Miike Snow

Auto (Broke One Remix) - Evil Nine

Over the Top - Mr.Flash

- luketheduke!

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