Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Osheaga's Most Anticipated #21 - Birdy Nam Nam

The last wave of artists for Osheaga have been named and it finally means my countdown is officially set and two artists from that wave have made it to my countdown the first of them being French turntablists Birdy Nam Nam. I will safely say that Birdy Nam Nam are one of the most bipolar or even tripolar(?) electronic acts that I have ever heard. They are famous for their live performances all using turntables as an instrument and many people from watching their live shows on YouTube would compare their musical stylings to that of Bonobo. Start listening to more of their own songs and you are utterly confused as the Hudson Mohawke/Bloody Beetroots, Future Hip Hop/Hard Electro infusion makes you wonder if this is indeed the same group and the answer is indeed yes. I've thrown in one of their tracks 'Abbesses' to show you what I mean by the 'Bonoboness' and then my favourite B-Nam songs. I will tell you this, they will put on a hell of a show at Osheaga so mark them down as a must see, enjoy.. 

Jaded Future - Birdy Nam Nam

Abbesses - Birdy Nam Nam

Goin' In - Birdy Nam Nam

Trans Boulogne Express - Birdy Nam Nam

Dead Lazers (Birdy Nam Nam Remix) - Kap Bambino

- luketheduke!

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