Monday, 11 June 2012


Today's post is a summary for my most anticipated album of this year Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's debut album 'Trouble' the only way to purchase it in Canada at the moment is through Universal Music UK and getting the album shipped to you so for now I went out and did ze evil deed and torrented as I wait for my copy which i'll link at the bottom. First off I want to say this album completely lived up to the hype for me, my last album summary I posted only a few of the songs but I've decided I'll post all of them this time and just do a run down of each song. 

The first track off the album is rather unique almost sounding like electronic South American folk music (Yes I just described it that way) I absolutely love it though perfect mixture of chill/dance vibe

A previous single, this may be my least favourite tune on the album but it's still rather good, give it a listen 

Love the spacey synths of this song very SBTRKT-esque 

This one has been out for a while but it's an absolute banger of a track...

Favourite song on the album, I can see this being a big hit on da dancefloor come this summer 

One of the more downtempo chill songs on the album, I remember Orlando (TEED) playing an acoustic version of this in an interview I'd like to hear a full version of that. 

Split personality song splitting between Deep House and somewhat of a Phil Collins like breakdown from Orlando

Another one that has been out for a very long time, you have to love this track though, it really shows that electronic music can be just as peaceful and serene as folk/more acoustic style tracks 

This one is going to be a hit at Ibiza, some good ole house music 

Incredible track, I still think I like this better without Orlando singing over it so i'm going to go hunt down the instrumental 

Posted this on da blog not too long ago , upbeaty/electro goodness

Just to remind us he's from England he's given us a garage/deep house track and it doesn't disappoint

Very Memoryhouse/Animal Collective like song it really shows you how diverse Orlando can be with making music, one of my favourites 

Final song on the album , its catchiness will leave this tune engraved in your brain for weeks 

That concludes by far my longest post but please go out and buy this album to support Orlando Higginbottom's future musical projects:

- luketheduke! 

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