Thursday, 16 August 2012

Osheaga's Best

I ended up loafting on my Osheaga's Most Anticipated as I came back after my first night out in Montreal and was obviously in no state for blogging but for those of you who were left in anticipation of who my top two were they were Justice at #2 and SBTRKT at #1. Now going back and ranking the top performances I would place different artists in different places and here is my top 5 from what I saw over the weekend (keep in mind this is completely my own opinion as there were many artists I didn't get to see)

#2 - Madeon
#3 - Keys N Krates
#4 - Birdy Nam Nam/Adventure Club
#5 - Passion Pit/M83/Justice

Let me start off by saying that I found I enjoyed myself the most at the Picnique Electronique Stage this year (formerly the Sennheiser stage last year). The sound quality plus the fact that it was much smaller created for a more fun/intimate atmosphere. Out of my top 5 SBTRKT, Madeon, Adventure Club, and Birdy Nam Nam played at this stage with Keys N Krates on the Tree Stage, M83 on the Sennheiser (best stage for sound quality) and Passion Pit/Justice on the main stages.

I'll leave you with my favourite songs from the various sets/performances of these artists. First one up was Skrillex's remix of Birdy Nam Nam's banger "Goin' In"being the last song of their set everyone was going absolutely wild to it. SBTRKT dropped a new bass track 'Surely" which with the live drums got everyone jammin' and Madeon dropped the happiest nu disco tune of all time "Dancing With The DJ" by The Knocks. An old favourite Adventure Club tune of mine is their remix of the Foxes song 'Youth' really blows me away every time I hear it as it shows just how good AC is at taking more acoustic/folky songs and turning them into dubstep bangers. The last tune i've added in is from Keys N Krates sampling Otis Redding (made famous by Watch the Throne) their set was the last one I saw on the weekend and their live remixing absolutely blew me away (and they're from Toronto), I'll be hoping to catch them next time they're in T.O as their set was a whole new experience for me combining hip hop, electro, and dubstep into a single mix. Anyways I'll be sure to start posting more again but this concludes my Osheaga posts until next year, enjoy... 

Goin' In (Skrillex's Goin' Hard Remix) - Birdy Nam Nam

Surely - SBTRKT

Dancing With The DJ - The Knocks

Youth (Adventure Club Remix) - Foxes

Uncle Otis - Keys N Krates

- luketheduke!

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