Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Osheaga's Most Anticipated #4 - Madeon

Easily the youngest act of Osheaga, 18 year old Pierre Hugo Leclerq (aka Madeon) has been known to put on one of the best electronic music shows in the world right now. The thing with Madeon is he puts out about 1 song every six months including one I have been waiting for for the longest time 'The City' (which i've included from a YouTube video on a rip from one of his live sets). Madeon combines a Nu Disco sound with a French House feel that is relatively hard to compare to other acts as he's come through with his own unique sound and this really launched him along with his famous Pop Culture video. He's going to be playing at 7:45 at Electronique Picnique on Sunday which slightly conflicts with Bloc Party (although I'll be leaving Bloc Party slightly early to be able to catch Madeon's full set). Whatever you do make sure you see this 18 year old prodigy's set as he's already influencing a new generation of the genre and who knows he may go down as one of the greats, enjoy..

The City feat. Zak Waters - Madeon

- luketheduke 

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